Why Do We Calculate BMI for Children?

BMI for children is data that’s routinely collated worldwide, despite evidence that shows BMI’s not perfect. See why it’s still vital to measure child BMI.

Parental Consent No Longer Required for NCMP

From now, parental consent is no longer required for the NCMP, owing to this year’s introduction of GDPR. This is the most of important of 2018’s updates to the Operational Guidance of the National Child Measurement Programme (NCMP).

World Sight Day, 11th October 2018

World Sight Day is Thursday 11th October 2018. A global event, to draw attention to blindness and vision impairment, it’s supported wholeheartedly by SchoolScreener®, who announce a new initiative in India.

Sound and Vision: The Journal of School and Public Health Nursing, July 2013

The SchoolScreener system is an innovative new way for school nurses to carry out vision and hearing tests.

Assessment of computer generated vision charts

Below is the abstract from this paper, published in Contact Lens and Anterior Eye, 32 (2009) 133-140. Authors: Klaus Ehrmann, Cathleen Fedtke, Alexa Radic. 

Bradford study explores effects of reduced vision on children's literacy – Telegraph and Argus Article 10 July 2018

The following article was published in the Telegraph and Argus on 10th July 2018. It concerns the important research findings of Dr Alison Bruce, regarding visual acuity and literacy levels...

Case Study: London Borough of Barnet

The software called SchoolScreener® was developed at City, University London and manages the screening of children in School for their vision, hearing and BMI.